Daniel quite frequently speaks to the press, providing both interviews and (as part of his work for the nonprofit Skeptics Society) behind-the-scenes consultation. He may be reached through this contact form.

Here are a few examples of interviews, book reviews, and other press about his work:


Selected Interviews (Text)

io9: “The Truth About The Future Of The Skeptic Movement,” by Cheryl Eddy (February 23, 2015);

Quo magazine: “Dinos Para Irse a Dormir: Protagonizan los cuentos infantiles de Daniel Loxton,” by Pilar Gil Villar. February 2, 2015. (Spanish-language short interview, published in Spain);

National Geographic: “The Science Behind Bigfoot and Other Monsters,” by Rachel Hartigan Shea. September 9, 2013. (Interview with Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero);

Patheos: “Interview With Daniel Loxton On Why There Is A Skeptical Movement,” by Kylie Sturgess. May 5, 2013. (Also available in audio);

Canadian Science Writers’ Association: “Pterosaur Trouble: Q&A with author Daniel Loxton,” by Sabrina Doyle. March 28, 2013;

Scientific American Guest Blog: “Creating Ankylosaur Attack: An interview with author Daniel Loxton,” by Marie-Claire Shanahan. October 12, 2011;

The Globe and Mail: “Children’s book too hot for U.S. publishers wins accolades, prize nominations here,” by Tom Hawthorn. September 14, 2011. (p. S1–S2 in print edition);

Wired Geekmom. “Interview With Daniel Loxton of Junior Skeptic Magazine,” by Jenny Williams. September 1, 2011.


Selected Interviews (Audio, Video)

Point of Inquiry podcast. “Daniel Loxton: Bigfoot, Nessie and Other Kinds of ‘Abominable Science,’” with host Lindsay Beyerstein. March 3, 2014. (Feature interview.) DOWNLOAD episode MP3;

CBC Radio (Victoria), On the Island. March 4, 2014. (Short live interview about Cosmos and the legacy of Carl Sagan.) Listen to conversation on Soundcloud;

BBC Focus magazine podcast. August 30, 2013. DOWNLOAD episode MP3;

MonsterTalk podcast #68. “Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Bride of MonsterTalk,” with host Blake Smith. July 31, 2013 (Interview with Loxton and Prothero about Abominable Science!.) DOWNLOAD episode MP3;

Read Science! “We Love Dinos” Edition, with hosts Joanne Manaster and Jeff Shaumeyer. Streamed live on Apr 27, 2013. View on YouTube. (Interview with Loxton about Pterosaur Trouble and Brian Switek about My Beloved Brontosaurus);

Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast #194. “Interview with Daniel Loxton,” with hosts Steve Novella, Jay Novella, Bob Novella, Evan Bernstein, Rebecca Watson. April 8th, 2009. DOWNLOAD episode MP3;

Token Skeptic podcast #12. “On Science And Atheism—Interview with Daniel Loxton,” with host Kylie Sturgess. March 9, 2010. DOWNLOAD episode MP3. Also printed in The Scope of Skepticism (2012), by Kylie Sturgess;

For Good Reason #2. “Evolution for Kids,” with host D.J.Grothe. Feb 6, 2010. DOWNLOAD episode MP3;

Skepticality #86: “Dragon*Con Panel on the Future of Skepticism,” with host Robynn “Swoopy” McCarthy. September 23, 2008. DOWNLOAD episode MP3


Selected Book Reviews and Discussion

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: “Book Review: Tales of Prehistoric Life by Daniel Loxton,” by David Orr. October 13, 2014. (Review of Tales of Prehistoric Life trilogy: Ankylosaur Attack, Pterosaur Trouble, and Plesiosaur Peril);

Scientific American Blogs: “Loxton and Prothero’s Abominable Science! Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids; the Tet Zoo review,” by Darren Naish. September 17, 2014;

io9: “Did this King Kong film footage inspire the ’30s Loch Ness monster craze?” by Michael Munro. August 21, 2014. (Discussion of an argument from Abominable Science!);

Plesiosaur Bites / Plesiosaur Directory: “Book review: Plesiosaur Peril by Daniel Loxton,” by Adam Smith. April 16, 2014;

Literary Review of Canada: “Credulity Lives! Human belief in flim-flam appears to be limitless,” by Arno Kopecky. November 25, 2013. (Review of Abominable Science!);

Inside Higher Education: “MonsterQuest,” by Scott McLemee. September 4, 2013. (Review of Abominable Science!);

The Scientist magazine: “Capsule Reviews: Rocket Girl, The Cancer Chronicles, Abominable Science!, and The Sports Gene,” by Bob Grant. Online September 1, 2013;

Discover magazine: “Hot Books in September: Abominable Science!,” by Elisha Neckar. September 2013, p. 65 in print edition. (Short review);

The Times (of London): “Abominable Science! by Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero,” by Iain Finlayson. August 31 2013. (Paywall. Short review);

The Wall Street Journal: “When Seeing is Not Believing,” by Margaret Wertheim. Saturday-Sunday, August 31–September 1, 2013. p. C8. Posted online on August 30, 2013. (Paywall. Review of Abominable Science!);

National Geographic Phenomena blogs: “Our Very Own Monsters,” by Brian Switek. August 4, 2013. (Review of Abominable Science!);

Nature: “Cryptozoology: Beastly fakes,” by Daniel Cressey. Nature 499, 406. July 25 2013; Published online 24 July 2013. (Paywall. Review of Abominable Science!); Blog: “Pterosaur books to know and love, part 3: Pterosaur Trouble,” by Mark Witton (author of Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy.) April 25, 2013;

The Big Issue (UK): “Five Books Every Child Should Read Before They’re 12,” by Philippa Gregory (author of The Other Boleyn Girl).  April 10, 2013. (Selected: Evolution);

Discover Magazine Blogs, Bad Astronomy: “Ankylosaur Attack!” by Phil Plait. October 24, 2011;

Scientific American Guest Blog: “Having a great science conversation with a kid,” by Marie-Claire Shanahan. October 12, 2011. (Review and discussion of Ankylosaur Attack);

The National Post: “The Ptarmigan’s Dilemma and Evolution win Lane Anderson Award,” by Mark Medley. September 15, 2011 (Short news item about national award win);

Wired Geekdad: “The Junior Skeptic Explains Evolution: Daniel Loxton on Natural Selection,” by Jason B. Jones. March 16, 2010 (Review of Evolution);

Discover Magazine Blogs, Bad Astronomy: “Evolution for Kids,” by Phil Plait. February 3rd, 2010 (Review of Evolution)

I would’ve loved this book when I was a kid. It would have made me want to be a scientist.
Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy