Plesiosaur Peril (2014)

Written by Daniel Loxton; illustrated by Daniel Loxton with Jim W.W. Smith


A GROUP OF PLESIOSAURS—ocean-dwelling cousins of the dinosaurs—keeps safe by swimming in a family pod. But then one baby plesiosaur swims too far from its mother and attracts the attention of something very large and very hungry, and the struggle for survival is on. A refined blend of digital artwork and landscape photography illustrates this thrilling encounter.

Plesiosaur Peril (2014) is the third and final book in the science-informed series “Tales of Prehistoric Life” series from Kids Can Press, following Ankylosaur Attack (2012 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Winner for “Best Books for Kids & Teens”) and Pterosaur Trouble (2014 Victoria Book Prizes Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize Winner; 2013 Canadian national Lane Anderson Award Finalist).

    Reading level: Ages 4 and up
    Hardcover: 32 pages
    Publisher: Kids Can Press
    Editor: Valerie Wyatt
    2014 Lane Anderson Award for best Canadian science book for young readers (Finalist)

Plesiosaur Peril is also available in popular eBook formats including Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iTunes (for Mac OS or iOS), and Kobo.

Praise for Plesiosaur Peril

Plesiosaur Peril is a fantastically illustrated children’s book that uses the fictional story of an individual animal to paint a picture of the lifestyles of ancient animals, using scientific data where possible…so go buy it!
—Paleozoologist Darren Naish, Scientific American Blogs

It is apparent from the accurate appearance of the plesiosaurs that they were thoroughly researched. …the same is true for other prehistoric creatures… ichthyosaurs, ammonites, belemnites…. They are the best I’ve seen in any book of this kind. …this is a lovely and visually striking book that makes the perfect bedtime story for any child…
—Dr. Adam S. Smith, The Plesiosaur Directory